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Our Services

We service “ALL” LED Manufacturer displays! LED Service Team will diagnose your sign and provide a diagnostic report that will help you understand the current issue(s) your LED display is having. We will be able to call your LED manufacturer to obtain replacement parts on your behalf and service it. Our goal is to make sure that your LED sign is working at its full potential to attract customers to your location!

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LED Service Team Overview

1. LED Sign Diagnostic Report

Our team will go on-site and provide a full diagnostic report of your LED sign which includes installation, ventilation, electrical, and more! 

2. led display repair

After the diagnostic report, our team will contact your manufacturer to order the parts you need and get your display back up and running at 100%.

3. led Upgrades

Our goal is to give you a full customer experience! We can provide new services, software, warranty, and more on top of what is currently in use.




Our technicians will diagnose the installation that the previous installer did to make sure the structure was properly installed.



Verification of current power being used. Our technicians will provide readings of current power the display(s) are running at. Under and over voltage can reduce the life of internal LED components.



Verification of proper ventillation. Improper ventilation reduces the life of internal LED components such as power supplies, hub card, receiving card, and control system.



Verification of proper grounding, which requires having direct electrical connection from sign to the earth, normally using 6′ grounding rod. 



Verification of proper maintenance such as wires not being exposed, seal to protect from water entering, and more!



We can offer to calibrate your LED display face to match all the panels. This avoids having patches of different color brightness showing on your sign.



Our technicians will diagnose the brand of wireless that is being used. We will verify the installation of your sign controller to make sure you have a direct line of site from the LED display’s AP to the bridge.



Verification of hardware malfunctions such as power supplies, ribbon cables, hub cards, receiving cards, control system, and more! 

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