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Why is my LED sign not working?

Why is my display black?

Within every LED display there are several components. Some of these components dictate video output, electricity, and also connectivity to the display. If your LED display is black, our service team will find which of these components is the cause!

why does my sign keep turning off?

Your LED display has to have constant, stable electricty running to it at all times. Our technicians will provide readings of current power the display(s) are running at. Under and over voltage can reduce the life of internal LED components which is known to cause failure in such components.

Why does my sign look illegible?

Along with the hardware within the display, there is always a software to control it. The software you are using to update your LED display may also be the cause for why your display is blurry. This is usually due to management of graphics and designs that are published within the software.

Why does my sign have sections out?

The hardware that makes up the LED display is wired a number of cables that provide power in sections. Depending on the size of your display, these sections can make up large portions of the LED display. If your display has sections that are out or blank, our team can find which components are at fault.

Why can't I connect to my sign?

Connection to your LED display can be done in two ways: wireless or wired. Whichever connection type you have to your display will determine the kind of issue(s) you are having. Our team supplies and configures wireless devices that are compatible with any LED display!

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Let our certified technicains get your LED display back up and running! We can diagnose any issues your sign may have. We can also service your sign and get it back to attracting customers to your location! 

We service “ALL” LED manufacturer displays! This diagnostic report will help you as a client to understand the current issue(s) you are having with your LED display(s). LED Service Team can contact your LED manufacturer to obtain replacement parts on your behalf to make sure your sign is working at its full potential. 

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